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Hypnosis is a method that allows individuals to enter into an altered state of awareness, which leads to improved focus and concentration through relaxation. This altered state is often utilized in therapy, as it enables individuals to access different levels of consciousness where healing and remembering can occur.

During these altered states, brain waves slow down, making it easier to transform negative thinking habits, beliefs, and old behavioral patterns.

Hypnotherapy is typically done by a trained therapist, who guides the individual in accessing their “true self” or “higher self.”

Additionally, there is often a hypnotic contract between the client and therapist, as well as the guidance of higher beings such as guardian angels, spirit masters, or highly evolved beings.

Hypnosis is not some or other super power technique, but it is a wonderful tool to access core beliefs and to make lasting beneficial changes. The client and it’s Higher Self remains responsible for the soul’s journey.

The therapist’s role is to assist the client in deepening their relaxation and making the necessary connections and adjustments to reframe past and future misconceptions about behaviors, beliefs, and attachments. This ultimately helps the client bring the power of the present moment into their everyday life and to awaken to their true self and sense of purpose.

Furthermore, hypnosis can awaken the heart’s intuitive power and the body’s natural intelligence, facilitating conscious and energetic healing and leaving the client feeling fully energized.

It can also repair and strengthen the spiritual parts and connections within the self, leading to greater acceptance, love, peace, harmony, and a joyful way of living.

A return to wholeness